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IN CONTROL concerns a young lady, Mary, although outwardly very confident and very capable in her job as a lawyer, she is nevertheless insecure, and feels very much alone. She meets Geoff, and just when things are going swimmingly well he is killed in a stupid accident. The suddenness of it all makes it hard to accept. Soon afterwards Mary begins to experience a strange phenomena. She tries to rationalise it, but it just keeps on happening.
Just as Mary feels totally out of touch with the world she meets Dave, who has also experienced these 'events', and who like Mary, also believed he might be going mad.
Mary looking distressed or even madD-link photo   Together Mary and Dave try to convince the world that these 'events' happen. They try courting publicity from the press and TV. Things degenerate as the press treat them as a joke. Meanwhile Dave's attempts to control these 'events' gets more and more desperate. Mary loses her best friend, who thinks Mary is ill, and that she is made worse under Dave's influence. The world changes gradually from treating them as a joke to thinking they are both quite mad. Mary and Dave realise they only have each other in a world that seems to be against them... 
  Mary looking youngD-link photo   Chelsey Baker seen in above three photos playing the part of Mary, a highly successful lawyer, vulnerable, and a daddy's girl. For info on Chelsey: info
There is a large cast over over fifty actors, and a named actor will play the part of Geoff. Info on cast: cast
John Martin the writer/director has directed one almost no budget feature: Director
Info on previous film: info
Previous film: Windows Media Player extract   QuickTime extract   Small slideshow

Film style

The film will be a science-fiction/thriller, in a style similar to the 'Twilight Zone' series, where the story is more important than mind-boggling affects. The story telling is also similar to The Sixth Sense which relies heavily on the story, the relationship of the main characters, and the finding out of the truth, rather than big special effects.


IN CONTROL will be planned to be launched in mainstream cinema in both the UK and USA, and entered in at least seven major festivals. This will then be planned to be followed by domestic and foreign television broadcasts and video eleases. In Control from the beginning will be supported by and cross-promoted with a book, sexy photo album, CD-ROM, DVD, an interactive website, and an original soundtrack album.

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