IN CONTROL title - Castlist

There are over sixty actors in the film, the first fifty are given here. Those that are currenty not cast, we are generally looking for named actors or celebrities.

The leading actors

Mary - Chelsey Baker is a defence lawyer, very competent and able in getting people off. Outwardly she is confident, and speaks her mind, but inwardly she is insecure.
Geoff - Not cast. He is easy going and has a natural charm with everyone. Almost immediately he falls for Mary. The part allows some comedey in a science-fiction/thriller. Almost the calm before the storm.
Dave - to be confirmed. He takes no particular pride in his appearance. He is serious and distant by nature, and has amazing patience and resolve. He is not bothered about what people think of him.
Maria - Lisa Jane-Lukies is naturally beautiful, and her husband Graham is very much in love with her. She wraps him around her finger. She is very good with people and her own children, although sometimes she appears bossy.
Graham - Not Cast. He is very much in love with Maria, and less mature than her. He likes to go for a drink and likes to be liked by everyone. He resents sometimes the closeness of Mary and his wife.

Supporing actors

Doctor Daynam - Simon Parr reassures Mary that she is not mad when she comes to see him.
Doctor Millson - Clive Hurst treats patients as cases rather than people. Seems to have little symapathy for Mary.
Vincent Reilly - Not cast. He treats his appearance in court as if it is a game. A dark character who is also amusing.
Jennifer Taylor - to be confirmed. A Doctor who sympathises wth Mary after Mary is put in an asylum.
Mary's mother - Not cast. She is jealous of Mary who is still daddy's little girl.
Mary's father - Not cast. Retired, formerly a judge or doctor. He is devoted to his daughter Mary,
Mathew - to be confimed. Maria's young son. He is a "double act" with his sister.
Patricia - to be confirmed. Maria's daughter who happily plays with her older brother and thinks of Mary as her "aunt".
Jack - Not cast. Mary's old boyfriend who only loves one person, himself.
Guard policeman - Hugh Bell likes Dave even though his job is to make sure that Dave does not escape.
TV Presenter - to be confirmed. Funny and confident presenter who takes the micky out of Mary and Dave.
Unpleasant Nurse - Sarah Ross Tun bullies and humilates Mary when she is locked in an asylum.
Nurse - Claudia Royer befriends Dave when he is in hospital.
Jack's Girlfriend - to be confirmed, Naive and in love with Jack.
Extrovert Lady at party - Laura Sherrington is very beautiful and tries to get Dave and Graham to dance with her. (Laura models as Laura Sherling.)
Judge - Charles Phillip tells Vincent Reilly that he is is lucky man to Scot free from court.
Vicar - James Skinner feels sorry for Mary and Dave's experiences, but is no help to them whatsoever.
Senior Nurse - Susan Kingsley an overbearing nurse who is in charge when Mary becomes hysterical.
Asylum Nurse - to be confirmed. Wakes Mary up in the asylum and gently tries to calm Mary down.

Other actors

Prosecuting lawyer - to be confirmed. Confident lawyer prosecuting Vincent Reilly.
Night Policeman - Peter Kirk gently helps Mary after she is fightened by the Turkin reporter.
Cave man at party - David Newsome physically lifts Mary up at her birthday party
Nice Doctor - Sarfraz Buxy tells Dave that against his suggestions Dave is to be moved.
Reporter (Turkin) - Matt Carey is not what he appears and alarms Mary.
Mad Old lady - to be confirmed. disturbs Mary by the not being able to look after herself.
Mad Young Lady - Francis Graz disturbs Mary by constantly rocking in her seat.
Tricia (barmaid) at birthday party - Natasha Jones is flattered by Jack.
Lady on beach in stunning green dress - Not cast. Distracts Graham as he is playing on the beach with his children.
Amused Nurse - Sara Davis flirts with Dave in hospital.
Other Amused Nurse - Jannyne Eyton-Jones giggles at Dave's remark.
Lady flirting at party - Collette Russell has all the men at the party wanting to talk to her.
Lady who has a fit - Cynthia Rover - the Unpleasant Nurse has to look after her.
Little girl on train -Eliza Bennett - Mary tells her she is in love.
Milkman - Not cast cheekily tries to sneak a look at Mary.
Nice Reporter - Joe Gooch charms Mary into posing for a photo in the street.
Little girl on swing & mother - to be confirmed. They look pefect like a painting on a summer's day.
Doctor Daynam's receptionist - to be confirmed. Belittles Mary as she waist to be seen.
Grass Reporter (beaten up)- to be confirmed. delibrately makes Mary distressed.
Rude man at Jack's party - to be confirmed makes fun of Dave as being "mad".
Mother watching TV - to be confirmed. Loves her baby as he husband is a slob infront of the TV.
Young boy in street - to be confirmed. sweetly asks Mary for her autograph.
Orderly Nurse - Jean Wates tells Dave not to worry after he is moved to another room.
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