Colour photograph of the actress Chelsey Baker, who plays the female lead Mary in the film IN CONTROL. The photo is a head and shoulder photo of Mary staring straight ahead with her eyes almost wide open as if frightened, disturbed, or vulnerable. She has a "blank" expresion as if she is not totally aware of her surroundings or in a trance, or even mad. Her hair is slightly messed up emphasising her unsettled state. (On most webpages this photo is resized to displayed smallish, about a third of the full screen height, in others about three quarters full screen in height.)
Although the photo is in colour there are some large areas which are mainly dark or black, particularly on the left and right-hand side of Mary's face, where her hair hangs down the side of her face. Her hair appears dark or black and as she is wearing a dark top it is not clear where her hair ends and the top begins; the black is sort of "merged". The photo is NOT a glamorous photo and has a large black shadow under her chin.  
The photo is very similar to poster image, bscreenchelseposter, except this is photo is head and shoulders version rather than just of Chelsey's face. Click D-links Poster of In Control - Mary distressed
This contrasts with some other photos of chelsey such as photo chelseyblackdress click D-link Chelsey wearing black dress
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