Small colour photograph of the actress Chelsey Baker, who plays the female lead Mary in the film IN CONTROL. In this photo she looks young, about twenty to twenty five years old, possibly younger. She looks young enough to be a college student. The photo is more than head and shoulders, but not as long as to include down to the waist. She is looking at the camera smiling quite wide as if happy with the world. Her eyes are blue. She is wearing subtle pink lipstick, Her head is tilted down to the right a bit and her hand is touching her hair on the right. Her hair looks very dark or black and is hanging down infront of her. As she is wearing a mostly dark or black top it is not clear where her hair ends and her top begins; the black is sort of merged.
This contrasts with some other photos of chelsey such as photo chelseyblackdress click D-link Chelsey wearing black dress
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