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Movie Craft is currently seeking investment, venture capital finance, etc for a science-fiction/thriller to be mainly shot in London.

Logline: If you're not in control, then who is?

A young lawyer experiences a strange phenomena and starts to think that she might be going mad, until she meets Dave, who has also experienced these events. Together they try to find out what really is happening in the world.

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Business Plan and Script Available to Active Investors
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    Why invest in this film?

    Because it has a totally original script that is like no other. And we feel that people will want to see it over and over again. And then again... There is nothing else like it.
    Seeking 540K

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    There is currently a great revival of vampire films. Before In Control will be filming DEGOL Dead Cycle a vampire horror set in 18th century and modern day London. For info
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