Lisa-Jane Lukies - Maria

Maria is Mary's best friend. She is confident and good with people. She is naturally beautiful and wraps her husband Graham around her finger.  
beautiful, sexy & confident Maria - Lisa-Jane LukiesD-link photo  

FILM, Theatre & TV:

VLK - feature film Val Franki - Diana (lead)
Out of Order Darren Cliff - Marie
No deposit no return Darneby Cooke - Claire
Threesome TV Drama series - Bernie
A Midsummers Night Dream The Courtyard Theatre - Helena
Sage 2000 One Act Fest Theatre 22 - "Easy piece"
Cell Mates Theatre 22 - Judith
Women at the Tomb The Courtyard Theatre - Mary Magdelene
Strippers Two Way Theatre - Buffy
The Adventures of Pinnochio Playhouse, USA theatre - The Blue Fairy
Husbands Supplied The Courtyard Theatre - Mrs Bee
Pentax commercial Japan TV
Meiji Chocolate commercial Japan TV
Other TV commercials, cosmetics, etc for Australia, UK, and Bangkok TV
sultry, sexy Maria - Lisa-Jane LukiesD-link photo
searching, puzzled Maria - Lisa-Jane LukiesD-link photo modelling - Lisa-Jane LukiesD-link photo thoughtful - Lisa-Jane LukiesD-link photo

Lisa was formerly a catwalk model, photo model, and Miss Universe Western Australia

She trained at The Method Studio in London, and with Dan Lamort, NYC
Lisa-Jane Lukies is also a writer, Sex on the Rocks, Vodka Straight Up is an upbeat, diverse collection of fun, controversial poetry exploring sex, partying and the obligatory morning after. You will laugh, you will cry, you will experience a provocative, interesting, educating read, and who knows, you may even learn something new. Enjoy the ride. Order it now!
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