The wallpaper image incontrolmovie800wp is a large photo to be used as the desktop background (for screen resolution 800x600). It is mainly a large colour photo of Mary, the leading character in the film IN CONTROL, played by Chelsey Baker. Her face takes up the entire screen. It is as if we are standing very close to her, and almost nothing behind her can be seen. The photo is roughly from the top of Mary's forehead to the bottom of her chin. She is staring straight ahead with her eyes almost wide open as if frightened, unsure, or vulnerable. She has a "blank" expresion as if she is not totally aware of her surroundings or in a trance, or even mad. Her hair is slightly messed up emphasising her unsettled state.
Although the photo is in colour there are some large areas which are mainly dark or black, particularly on the left and right-hand side of Mary's face, where her hair hangs down the side of her face. On Near the top right-hand side in NOT bright letters in a sort of white grey colour it says "It is Not a Dream". The word "Dream" has partly the dark background of Mary's hair and also the light background behind her so the word dream is NOT clearly seen. These words is perhaps what Mary is quietly telling herself.
As part of the photo rather than actual text letters, near the bottom right and positioned roughly at the height of Mary's lips, it says also in white greyish letters IN CONTROL on one line. As these letters are in capitals and are about a font size larger than "It is not a dream", these letters stand out a lot more. Underneath this it says "A real nightmare. (Although these letters are NOT in capitals, partly because the background is almost completely black and the letters are bold they also stand out far more than the "It is not a dream".) Underneath this in white letters is the web address of
Note there are three file versions of this wallpaper, with the photo looking the same in all three files. One file is for displaying a small image and the other two are for displaying as the entire screen as the desktop. (The font size of the files in proportion to the image size is almost the same for al the files, but varies slightly.) File sincontrolmoviewp, is a small file for display purposes to show what the large wallpaper files look like i.e. is a small file so that it can be quickly downloaded. File incontrolmovie800wp is a large file of size 800x600 (for obviously a screen of this resolution) to be displayed as the desktop background. File incontrolmovie1024wp is a large file of size 1024x768 (for obviously a screen of this resolution) to be displayed as the desktop background.
The wallpaper images are very similar to poster image, bscreenchelseyposter, except this is designed to be displayed as the desktop background rather than within a web page. Unlike the poster the wallpaper images have no actual web link on them. Click D-links Poster of In Control - Mary distressed
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