The Movie Craft logo is a trademark of Movie Craft Limited. It is a drawing where a film/movie projector shining out light containing the words "Movie Craft" is represented by symbols of the letter "T" and two circles representing a projector.
In detail: on the left is a yellow block area which is long and mainly oblong, like a banner. It contains within it the words "Movie Craft", and the yellow area tapers to a single point on the right. The yellow colour represents the light coming from a projector. Close to this single point are two cycles above the letter "T". The two circles represent the two film reels of a projector that go round as a film is projected, and the letter "T" represents the table on which the projector is standing.
This picture although not large is designed to be displayed by other websites linking to our website, or at the top of some of our web pages.
(There is another version of the logo, called lowbannermoviecraft, which is the same, but is designed to be displayed smaller.)
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